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Taimer’s mobile-friendliness impresses Cloud² employees

According to Cloud², Taimer has solved several essential problems related to time management. The system combines resource scheduling and time tracking.

Company Name: Cloud²
Industry: Cloud services
Company Size: 15
Turnover: not available
Taimer version: PSA
Core features we love: Sales CRM, Project Management, Invoicing

“We used to use many different tools to run our business. Because of that, we couldn’t get a 360° view or generate real-time forecasts on how our business was progressing. Hour entries were made directly into the accounting software and as a CRM we used Pipedrive”,  says Cloud² CEO Henri Grönlund.

“I can also get the timesheets related to our own forecasting in a blink of an eye.”

Henri Grönlund, CEO, Cloud²


According to Grönlund, Taimer has solved several essential problems related to time management. The system combines resource scheduling and time tracking, into one integrated tool. These features, among other things, were the reason behind Cloud²’s migration to Taimer.

Cloud² is a pioneer in cloud services. It´s an independent, rapidly growing IT-service provider, and their experts are known for high expertise in the field. They have all been in the top spots to witness the changes brought by the public cloud and to build seamlessly crafted cloud solutions.

“Taimer’s hour entries and time management are the most used Taimer features in Cloud². Of course, we have also implemented the CRM and sales pipeline features! Earlier we were using separate tools for those as well.”

Cloud² develops using the service so that all activities are linked to one another within Taimer. Also, the company’s customer register has been integrated into Taimer.

“As a whole, the system is easy to use once you learn the basic logic. In the beginning, it naturally takes some effort, but Taimer is a very good tool. It’s worth it”, Grönlund states.

“Then there’s, of course, the mobile working perspective. I have received a lot of positive feedback from our staff that the mobile version almost works better than the browser version.”

Dividing projects into stages streamlines working

Cloud² uses Taimer’s project management tools also for resource scheduling. This way they have been able to clearly divide tasks from different projects into phases.

“You can even create sub-projects, under the main project, to manage bigger cases.”

Just add budgeted hours to tasks, assign to users, track hours and follow on up on progress and availability in one view.

“We use Taimer as a monitoring tool, also in projects”, Grönlund adds.

“I can see what type of internal work has been done or what people do during the workday. I can send billable hours to customers easily. I can also get the timesheets related to our own forecasting in a blink of an eye.”

These are some of Grönlund’s examples of how Taimer has clearly helped in business management.

Business predictability with Taimer

Grönlund encourages companies to invest in ERP. A good CRM system combines several separate tools into one functional toolbox.

“I recommend Taimer to consulting firms, project organizations, and companies that invoice clients by the hour. Practically all businesses selling expertise would benefit from a service such as Taimer”, says Henri.

He also invites companies that want to add predictability to their business, take advantage of Taimer. He continues “there are still companies who use spreadsheets to log hours, despite of digitalization. They won’t know until the end of the month, what the billing rate will be!”

“I can check in the middle of the month, how billing rate will probably look like. Thanks to Taimer’s integrations, I can export reports that I previously wasn’t able to get them by myself.”

Finally, Grönlund reminds how Taimer also supports financial management.

“Taimer is a comprehensive tool for small to medium-sized companies”, Grönlund sums up.

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