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Tulos Helsinki Oy switches to using Taimer

The company has a wide range of expectations and plans regarding the new ERP-system, for example to gather all scattered information into one place.

Replacing the previous ERP-system with Taimer

The about 40 employees of the digital marketing agency Tulos Helsinki Oy is currently preparing to become Taimer users. Since 2014, they have had an ERP-system from another domestic service provider, but has not found its place in the company's everyday life.

"In the previous system, the definitions might have been made without thinking about the intended use and the final outcome. Therefore the system did not serve the company's reporting or the needs of an individual user very well. In the absence of interest, the onboarding and introduction to the system were cursory. As a result, the entire ERP-system became to be a like a swear word to people", says Tatu Hirvonen, Chief Financial Officer of Tulos.

In addition to switching to Taimer, the company also looked at other options in order to improve the situation.

"One option was to start from a clean sheet with new definitions in the previous software. We also tried out some other systems until one of our employees told us about Taimer. It suits our needs well since we do not need a very heavy system", Hirvonen explains.


An easy to use, all-in-one solution as anticipation

The onboarding of Taimer will take place at the beginning of 2018. At the moment the process is in the preparatory phase, and some of the employees have already gotten a chance to get to know the Taimer system.

"Those who have tried Taimer have liked the fact that there is no need to jump from one place to another. The software is built logically so that the different steps follow each other in a reasonable and natural order. The layout and functionalities of the software have also been praised by the staff", says Hirvonen.

The company has a wide range of expectations and plans regarding the new ERP system. Perhaps the most important one is to gather all the scattered information into one place.

"For a long time, our staff has been struggling with the data being dispersed in different places. We wanted to get it all in place and that's one of the reasons why we chose Taimer. In sales management, we are all going to use the clear reporting function in Taimer. I think that through Taimer, we also strengthened people's business understanding", Hirvonen tells us.

In addition, the company wants to take advantage of the opportunity to integrate programs with Taimer.


"It is already known that we will integrate our financial management with Taimer. Taimer has also been promised to find out if we can integrate Hubspot into Taimer", Hirvonen says.

"As a company, Taimer seems very active in product development and we are looking forward to seeing what new software updates for both the browser and mobile version will bring".

Smooth onboarding planning process

So far, the cooperation with Taimer has been very effective from the point of view of Tulos.

"The preparations have gone very well. We have gotten good answers to everything we have asked about" Hirvonen states.

"The Taimer staff is really nice and happy to help. Communicating with them is not stiff and formal, personality is visible in their work. Stunning people! "

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