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Upseller thinks Taimer is a great CRM system for a growing company

Taimer is an excellent tool for a new company that wants to grow. It's essential to start building the business right from the beginning...

”Taimer is a great tool for a new company that wants to grow. It's important to start building the business in a right way from the beginning. Companies often make the mistake of trying all kinds of things. Then when the business starts to grow, information is scattered all over the place. That’s what makes Taimer such an easy platform – all the data is found in the same place”, says Juha Sulkakoski, CEO, and Founder of Upseller Finland Oy.

Sulkakoski reminds that Taimer is free in the beginning, and still reasonably priced later on. This is one of the reasons he recommends to try out the service. Using multiple programs takes business owner’s valuable time in vain when there’s a better solution available from the beginning.

"Taimer is a great tool for a new company that wants to grow." 

Juha Sulkakoski, CEO, Founder, Upseller

High-class customer experience boost sales and operations

Upseller is a growing company, that works in the digital channels increasing the sales of its customers. The company optimizes customer service processes and improves customer experience. Chatbot as a Service analyses client’s optimization needs conceptualizes and builds AI chatbot solutions. With the help of analytics, the processes are improved continuously. Upseller’s customers include Asiakastieto, Vattenfall, Skanska, Omenahotelli, and Ruukki.

“Common denominator in Upseller’s operations is high-level customer experience, that creates commitment and solutions to customers’ needs as well as increases sales. We build and design chatbots. We teach them to work and develop companies’ operations when the chatbot is live”, explains Sulkakoski regarding what his company does.

“Earlier we didn’t have an ERP system such as Taimer. Information was scattered in different services. As the business grows, however, there will always be more and more moving parts. When there’s growth, it also needs to be optimized.”


Sulkakoski feels that Taimer offered a good platform to control processes, and a tool, that has convenient integrations to for example calendar and invoicing software. Taimer enabled the follow up of the entire process from the beginning to the end in a visual way.

“We were able to replace work done previously with multiple software or manually. Now all the data is found in the same place all the way to the individual documents – also the calendars have been synchronized. Everything is centered to a single platform and from that, we derive efficiency to our processes. This issue is pivotal to us.”

Agile CRM software works as a cloud-based service

“Cooperation with Taimer has been smooth and agile. They have a friendly team, and everything simply works! Smooth and functional cooperation has been an important part of the implementation.” One of the most important features for Upseller is the all-around projects view. Taimer also gets points for the ability to allocate tasks to people or entire teams. Sulkakoski also praises functionalities of the customer register.

“Customer cards show for example financial info and other important documents. In addition, it’s easy to create completely new files. All the aspects I’ve mentioned are important features for us.”

Finally, Sulkakoski mentioned the most important quality: Taimer is a cloud-based service. “In our company, everything is in the cloud. We don’t install a single software to anywhere. Everything is found in the cloud and is accessible anytime, anywhere”, concludes Sulkakoski and reminds startups to put some effort into finding a suitable ERP system.


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