On 29.11.2017, Tero Alanen, Ex-Director of Channel Sales & Go-to-Market at Cisco, joins Taimer as Vice President, Channel & Go-to-Market, and the contact person for Taimer Partner Network. Tero has over 15 years corporate experience in creating, building & implementing international business & growth. His experience includes the following, to name just a few: Account and partner network management and business development, leading volume business, brand and business unit management, Director of channel and go-to-market, Sales Director, carrying P&L responsibility and developing and executing change management strategies. He has also developed account management models, KPIs, and most importantly developed top talent individuals and high performing teams.


Tero Aalanen, Vice President, Channel & Go-to-Market, Partner at Taimer

Tero Alanen, Vice President, Channel & Go-to-Market, Partner at Taimer


Let’s now ask Tero Alanen what’s his vision and reason for joining Taimer?

After 11 years in Technology corporations like IBM and Cisco, being responsible for various leadership roles in sales and technical organizations as well as leading Go-to-Market’s strategy, it was time to open a new chapter in my career.

During my years in the corporate world, I made a promise to myself. I promised that someday, I would have my own business and take it to a global market and despite a strong passion for my corporate career, now it came possible to take this step. That step is becoming a Partner in one of the most interesting SaaS Start-ups in Finland, Taimer.


What was special about Taimer that made you decide to take this big step in your career? 

Finnish Fintech companies are something we can be proud of and they can be the future of our country in a digitalized world. When I was looking at Taimer and whether to join or not, I analyzed two main factors. Firstly the Taimer Team, especially Eero Saarinen and Fredi Palmgren, who together have been able to create a very good example of an agile and scalable SaaS platform which addresses relevant challenges of customers. Secondly, Taimer platform and its growth potential in the global market are huge and being able to be part of building that global growth is something which is a great challenge.

I also think Taimer’s management platform also targets the right business, customers of all sizes from start-ups to enterprises. I think, Taimer has successfully combined essential business functions into a single platform, and that’s a huge step. These main business functions are from Project Management, CRM, Automated Invoicing, Sales-Pipeline, to Team Collaborations. I think another powerful thing about Taimer lies in its integrations to major financial and accounting platforms and Banks, that is a great added value for small and medium corporations and that is exactly what businesses will need in the future to make things easier, smarter, and faster.


What’s your role in Taimer in General and Taimer Partner Network? 

In my Taimer Go-to-Market vision, the Global Partners will play a big role. Scaling a business from a start-up in Finland to a global player requires many multi-channel Go to Market, including different types of partners and sales motions. My role will be initiating, developing and leading Taimer Partner Network globally, with Banks, Teleoperators, Consultants, Accounting companies, and referral partners. In addition to Taimer Partner Network, Taimer is going to have local teams in major markets like the Nordic countries, UK, Germany, Southern Europe, South Africa, and the USA. This means building a global sales team,  building processes, and developing support, and way of working efficiently.


Let’s ask the last question, tell us a fun fact about yourself? 

Well, like Frank Sinatra said “We live only once and the way we live, once should be enough”, this represents my attitude for life. You need to take the action when you have the moment and every day and moment matters in life. I´m one of those on/off types of person, with no half measures. Meaning you start something and you will complete it by having the right attitude “the more you put in, the more you get out”. In general, I have the belief that happy people get things done and individuals working in high performing teams can shape the world for everyone so remember to laugh and have fun.

Now that we have spoken with Tero, it’s a time to turn to Taimer’s COO, Fredi Palmgren, and Taimer’s CEO Eero Saarinen.

Could you please share with us how you guys met, and what do you think of this Partnership?

“I’m extremely happy that we now have a true international level ‘man of action’ who knows what he’s doing. Tero has the experience and the passion for his work which we value very much. Even though Tero has operated mainly in the corporate field, he has shown to become a natural start-up-entrepreneur in just few weeks. His high spirit is contagious and our co-operation has really started out well. We’ve been taking huge steps forward in just one month and we really have high hopes”, exclaims Fredi Palmgren.

“We couldn’t be happier about the fact that Tero chose Taimer from all the other possible opportunities he might have taken. He fits into our team perfectly. I think this is the dream team to infiltrate international markets with.” Eero Saarinen completes.

The Taimer Team will grow further in the near future with a plan to recruit seven new employees in Helsinki and Jyväskylä offices. Along with the internationalization project led by Tero, we are also building Taimer Partner Network for domestic companies with top tuned services.

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